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Tên: Camera xử lý ảnh CMUCAM 4 (Cập nhật: 24/10/2012)
Khối lượng
100 (gam)
Thể tích
110 (cm3)
Số lượng Đơn giá
1 7.000.000 VND
2 6.930.000 VND
5 6.790.000 VND
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The CMUcam4 is a fully programmable embedded computer vision sensor. The main processor is the Parallax P8X32A (Propeller Chip) connected to an OmniVision 9665 CMOS camera sensor module. For more information please see the


  • Fully open source and re-programmable using the Propeller Tool
  • Arduino Shield Compatible
    • w/ Supporting Interface Libraries and Demo Applications for the Arduino and BASIC Stamp
  • VGA resolution (640x480) RGB565/YUV655 color sensor
    • Image processing rate of 8 frames per second
    • Raw image dumps over serial or to flash card
      • (640:320:160:80)x(480:240:120:60) image resolution
      • RGB565/YUV655 color space
  • Onboard Image Processing (QQVGA 160x120)
    • Track user defined color blobs in the RGB/YUV color space
    • Mean, median, mode and standard deviation data collection
    • Segmented (thresholded) image capture for tracking visualization (over serial or to flash card)
      • 80x60 image resolution
      • Monochrome color space
    • Histogram generation (up to 128 Bins)
    • Arbitrary image clipping (windowing)
  • µSD/µSDHC flash card slot with FAT16/32 full file system driver support
    • w/ Directory and File manipulation
  • I/O Interfaces
    • Two-port servo controller (pan and tilt w/ 1us resolution at a 40 Hz refresh rate)
      • Pan and/or Tilt servo channels can be configured as GPIOs
    • Indicator user controllable LED (red) and power LED (green)
    • TTL UART (up to 115200 baud – 19200 baud by default)
  • Monochrome baseband analog video output (NTSC/PAL) of 160x120 resolution for tracking visualization (segmented (thresholded) image w/ color centroid and bounding box overlay at 8 FPS)
  • CMUcam4 GUI for viewing images on the PC
Full document see on site http://www.cmucam.org/projects/cmucam4
CMUcam4_A.JPG CMUcam4_B-(1).JPG
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