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Name: Camera uCAM-RS232 (Update: 29/10/2012)
80 (gam)
220 (cm3)
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1 217.39 USD
Product information:
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The uCAM (microCAM) is a highly integrated serial camera module which can be attached to any host system that requires a video camera or a JPEG compressed still camera for embedded imaging applications.

The module uses an OmniVision CMOS VGA colour sensor along with a JPEG compression chip that provides a low cost and low powered camera system. The uCAM-RS232 module has an on-board serial interface (RS232 levels) that is suitable for a direct connection to any host controller or a PC system with a COM port.

User commands are sent using a simple serial protocol that can instruct the camera to send low resolution (160x120 or 80x60) single frame raw images for a quick viewing or high resolution (640x480 or 320x240) JPEG images for storage or viewing.

The uCAM comes in a compact form factor with a built in lens and a 4-wire connector that provides easy access to both power and serial data.

Small size, low cost and low powered camera module for embedded imaging applications.
3.3V DC Supply @62mA.
Built-in down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA, QVGA, 160x120 or 80x60 image resolutions.
Built-in colour conversion circuits for 2-bit gray, 4-bit gray, 8-bit gray, 12-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB or standard JPEG preview images.