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Robocon Indonesia 2015 ROBOMINTON: BADMINTON ROBO-GAME (có tiếng việt )

Cập nhật ngày: 26/08/2014
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The motif of this contest theme is badminton’s doubles game. The highlight of
this game is how the two robots hit and hit back shuttle by collaborating each
other. The longer the rally continues the more exciting the game becomes. The
robot with unique way of hitting shuttle can be entertaining. The audience will
be enthralled if the robot made an eye-opening jumping smash. We are looking
forward to witnessing exciting matches of unique robots built by the young
budding engineers in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.!

Some notes : 
6.1. Each team must make two robots.
6.2. Robots can be manual or automatic.
6.4. Operation of the robots
6.4.1. Team must operate their robots from outside of the contest field.
6.4.2. The maximum number of robot operator is two.
6.4.3. The robots can be operated by wire or wireless. But only one
robot can be operated via cable.
6.6. The maximum dimension of a robot when fully extended excluding the
racket must fit in a cylindrical tube with diameter of 1,200mm and
height of 1,500mm.
6.7. The weight of each robot must be under 25kgs
6.8. There is no limit in the number of rackets that each robot can hold.

7.1. Please use the commercial product racket that has been made based on
the regulations set by the Badminton World Federation.

8.1. Please use the class one official shuttle of the World Badminton Federation.

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